Case studies

Each implementation is a different story and a different experience. What do they have in common? Time saved, responsibilities taken off shoulders and satisfied customers. Get to know the stories of our implementations, they are our best promotion.

Success Story at Better Software Group!

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AskHenry is a huge time-saver because it takes care of the tasks which would usually be postponed multiple times.

Anna Matuszak
HR Manager

Success Story at PortalYogi!

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I recommend AskHenry to absolutely everyone who values their time, lifebalance and wants to focus on what is important to them.

Marzena Jaworska
CEO PortalYogi

Success Story at Future Processing!

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Podczas gdy wiele benefitów stało się oklepanymi pomysłami, usługa AskHenry jest czymś nowym i oryginalnym. To propozycja, która realnie może pomóc pracownikowi.

Magdalena Płaza
Branding & Communication Manager

Success Story at Nordcloud!

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Firmy tworzą ludzie. Każdy ma mniejsze lub większe problemy, w których AskHenry może pomóc. Co oznacza, że poleciłabym tę usługę absolutnie każdej firmie.

Dorota Kowalik
Central Europe Recruitment Lead
Anna Hofmann-Samelak
HR & Payroll Specialist

Success Story at Tribe47!

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Not everybody goes regularly to the gym, not everyone has to use private medical care frequently... but everyone has too little time to get everything done. And that is what AskHenry offers.

Martyna Łapaj
Human Resources Specialist

Success Story at Bee Talents!

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Henry is distinct in providing support for the whole team, not only for the board. It is a crucial difference, which demonstrates that we care about our employees' time.

Aleksandra Pszczoła

Success Story at ROCKWOOL!

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Primarily, saved time and satisfaction of our employees, which we cannot buy in any other way.

Aneta Maćkowiak
HR Manager
Joanna Kaźmierczak
Office Coordinator

Success Story at Nationale-Nederlanden!

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The service contributes to greater job satisfaction, which then translates to our employees being more effective, willing to work with us longer, as well as recommending our company as a valuable workplace.

Agnieszka Laskowska-Osoba
Director of Payroll and Benefits

Success Story at Mölnlycke!

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Regular reports show that thanks to this service we save many hours, which each of us can use in a different way.

Karolina Gajewska
Senior HR Coordinator
Joanna Kopeć
General Manager Poland

Success Story at Brainly!

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AskHenry stands out for its seamless communication on two levels - from the HR perspective, as well as from the perspective of ordinary users, i.e. our employees.

Łucja Czuba-Widiantoro
Senior HR Coordinator
Aleksandra Favero
Director of People & Culture

Success Story at Opera Software!

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Thanks to this service we offer our employees what is the most important – time.

Paulina Kolondra
Administrative Director

AskHenry gives you time for life and important things