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Nordcloud – is an international company specializing in providing cloud solutions based on AWS, MS Azure and GCP platforms, both in terms of infrastructure and building cloud-native applications. In 2020, Nordcloud is back was the Gartner Magic Square as one of the key players in the network of cloud infrastructure management service providers.

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    Poznan, Warsaw, Wroclaw
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Questions answered by

  • Dorota Kowalik
    Central Europe Recruitment Lead
  • Anna Hofmann-Samelak
    HR & Payroll Specialist

🟡 What is the greatest value you see from implementing AskHenry?

I have noticed that our teams use the support of AskHenry. The users have demonstrated their appreciation on multiple occasions for the way how the service works and how easy it is to have a part of their private tasks done by someone else. Saving time is truly priceless.

🟡 What encouraged you to extend our cooperation after the pilot ended?

We have gotten used to Henry’s presence in our office life quickly. Many appreciative comments from our employees ensured us that it is a good benefit indeed.

🟡 What benefits do you see as a result of implementing AskHenry?

It is a perk that, at least for now, makes us stand out on the market. A benefit to which the recruited candidates react very positively when they realise how many small everyday tasks they could delegate to be done by an assistant. I believe that it is a good indicator that we, as an employer, care about our employees’ needs. Those are especially important.

🟡 What does AskHenry give you in your daily life?

First and foremost, priceless time for my daughters. I have also saved myself some potential frustration and grief. I know that would have been impossible without Henry’s help.

🟡 What do you like the most about the AskHenry service?

Access to the portal and a simple system for sending orders, quick response from consultants and constant, great contact. Payments by card (or earlier by bank transfer) onsite or currently on delivery at home. Willingness to take on a wide variety of tasks. And the high quality of services!

🟡 Can you, and to which organisations, recommend the AskHenry service?

Businesses are created by people. Everyone has smaller or bigger problems that AskHenry can help with. In other words, yes, I would recommend AskHenry service to absolutely any company.

🟡 How much has your perception of the service change during the pandemic? What has AskHenry contributed to your organisation at that time?

We are very happy that AskHenry decided to help us in organizing grocery shopping during the pandemic, which was not a standard for this service. A round of applause for being flexible and helpful!

It is a benefit not only by name, indeed. We appreciate twice as much the consultants’ readiness to take up on our tasks during the pandemic, delivering our orders not only to the office but also to our homes. It turned out that, despite the pandemic, AskHenry consultants are incredibly flexible and cooperative.

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