Would you prefer to be productive or busy?

Do you feel like you are spending too much time on day-to-day tasks that take up your time instead of on the ones that are truly important to you? Would you like having a personal assistant who knows and understands your needs, allowing you to delegate tasks from various areas with confidence that they will be completed to your satisfaction? You can gain all of this and more with AskHenry Executive!

“Focus on being productive instead of being busy” — Tim Ferriss

  • Have you ever had to reschedule a business meeting because you had to deal with an urgent bureaucratic matter?
  • Is organizing events or trips something you would gladly delegate to someone else?
  • Do you value working with people who know and understand your needs well enough that you can delegate even seemingly complicated tasks to them?
  • Have you ever thought that having a few extra free hours each month would be worth its weight in gold?
If your answer to at least one of the above questions was ‘yes’, our offer is perfect for you!

Who's it for?

AskHenry Executive was created for people like you who want to be productive and spend their free time on what matters most to them. With personalized implementation and a personal assistant who knows your needs and expectations, you can be sure that all the assignments you decide to delegate will be carried out at the highest possible level.

We have prepared as many as 3 offers for you to choose from, so that you can easily find one that best meets your needs.

Discover the AskHenry Executive Offer


    • 10 hours of personal assistance
    • Price: 999 zł PLN net per month
    • Each additional started hour: 109 PLN net
    • Individual online onboarding
    • Personal remote assistant

    • Access to our Client Panel for order submissions and status tracking
    • No limits on the number or types of tasks you can request
    • Assistance available from Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
    • Same-day completion of online tasks on the day they are submitted
    • Same-day initiation of municipal tasks, or by the next business day at the latest
    • No upfront payment required for purchases up to 500 PLN
    • Convenient per-purchase billing (we'll send you a payment link)
    • The flexibility to fulfill city tasks in 8 locations across Poland
    • Monthly reports detailing your hours of usage (so you always know how much time we've saved for you)

  • GOLD

    • 20 hours of personal assistance
    • Price: 1899 PLN net per month
    • Each additional started hour: 99 PLN net
    • Individual online onboarding
    • Personal remote assistant

    • All the benefits included within the SILVER package
    • No upfront payment for purchases up to 1000 PLN
    • Monthly consolidated billing for purchases (we send a comprehensive payment link with specifications)

    • Car concierge service: transportation to/from the car wash, transportation to/from the workshop, tire replacement, pick-up/drop-off service at a specified location
    • Weekly updates on the status of hours used
    • Monthly detailed report of hours used (so you always know how much time you've saved with us)


    • 30 hours of personal assistance monthly
    • Price: 2699 PLN net per month
    • Each additional started hour: 89 PLN net
    • Individual online onboarding
    • Personal remote and city assistant

    • All the benefits of the GOLD package
    • No upfront payment for purchases up to 2000 PLN

    • Car concierge plus:
    - Vehicle check: fluids, pressures, spare tire condition, light bulbs, tire inspection, and cleaning, along with checking equipment like triangles, vests, and fire extinguishers
    - Garage storage for your car in case of limited space or during extended trips (service available only in Warsaw).
    • Assistance in selling your car (cleaning, taking photos, writing car descriptions, posting ads, and showcasing the car to interested buyers)
    • Monthly report comparing hour usage over two or more months

Are you interested in any of the packages?

Or perhaps you would like to learn more to choose the most suitable offer for yourself?

  • My dogs are a true companion in everyday life, not to mention, a huge part of it. That's why I didn't want to leave them at home during holidays. I was planning out my hiking trip to Beskidy and asked Henry to provide me with a list of trails that allow pets. I wanted to avoid any misunderstandings on the trails. The time I have saved I spent on finding other places I wanted to see during my trip.

    Maciej Tomczyński
    Android Developer
  • I was about to move out so, inevitably, I had to clean and organize some things in my apartment. Turns out I had way too many books I didn't need anymore. I asked Henry to donate them to a local library, which surprisingly was more difficult than I assumed. An online consultant suggested I donate the books to a local foster home. After a couple of days, Henry has already delivered them. I was grateful to be able to help, and the kids loved the books too!

    Natalia Hojnacka
    HR Administrator Coordinator
  • We all know this story – you're back from a trip with beautiful memories, a ton of pictures and... a handful of useless foreign currency cash. I was tired of expanding my odd coin collection and spending hours driving from one currency exchange to another. I asked Henry to take care of this. The money they have exchanged for me is much more useful than a couple of Georgian laris and Lankan rupees.

    Robert Kraszewski
    Senior Software Engineer
  • The thing seemed easy – I had to report the flood to my co-op. It turned out to be a never-ending restless fight with the board, contractors and the co-op, which AskHenry had taken over completely. Henry took care of contacting them, delivering messages and updates, working out the details and keeping an eye on the deadlines. Thanks to Henry, the basement was renovated, the source of the flood was eliminated, and I have saved myself a ton of time and frustration.

    Robert Kubiś
    Tooling Squad Lead
  • Before my firstborn got here, all I could think of was getting her in my arms. I wanted to surprise the brave new mommy, too. That's why I have taken the advice of Ola, my business partner, and prepared a welcome home balloon and flowers surprise for her. I asked Henry to help me with it. They picked, bought and delivered the balloons to our house the day my wife was finally released from the hospital. Our house looked fantastic and I could fully focus on the newest addition to our family. Everything went perfect – my sweet wife cried happy tears when she saw the decoration. Those stayed with us for a good couple of days :)

    Maciej Mazurek
    Head of Business Development

AskHenry in numbers

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    of our clients' orders completed

  • 10h

    of time you can gain with our assistance

  • 91%

    of positive feedback we get from our users monthly

  • 8

    locations Henry works for You in

How exactly can we help?

  • Rafał, 53, Manager
    Husband | Traveler
    What has he gained?

    A certainty that his private matters will be taken care of, so he can focus on work and get well-deserved rest. And sometimes, we help him plan his leisure time,
    which really makes him happy because, as he puts it, it can eat up a lot of his time.

    We have helped him prepare his camper for a holiday trip

    ... by finding a specialist that installed a water heater, a tent on the roof and an isofix for a baby car seat.

    We have delivered his personal income tax forms to the tax office

    ... because the deadline for filing the forms was approaching and Rafał had to go on a business trip.

    We have visited a watchmaker with his watch

    ... that was slow. Henry has found a professional that specialized in repairing watches of a specific brand.

    We have found a cooking class

    ... and booked a spot on it, making his wife's dreams about taking a masterclass with top chefs true.

    We have searched for an authorized laptop repair centre

    ... and delivered Rafal's computer there to be saved from a little coffee accident his son had.

  • Anna, 38, Bizneswoman
    Married | business owner
    What has she gained?

    Having the chance to grow your business without the constant concern of managing
    household tasks is truly valuable. Anna finds great pleasure in these additional hours of free time each month, highlighting their significance, especially for parents with children.

    We have bought a wooden toy set

    ... for Anna's youngest son. She wants her children's toys to be made of safe eco-friendly materials – if they're plastic, they must be recycled.

    We have found a locksmith

    ... that specialized in a specific brand of doors that Anna has. He came to fix the problem the very next day.

    We have found a beauty salon

    ... that performs endermology treatment Anna wanted to try out. She was so pleased with the results that we had to make her another three appointments.

    We have bought and delivered furniture

    ... to a newly renovated children's room: a bed, a desk, a nightstand and a rug. We have also appointed a handyman to assemble the furniture.

    We have ordered a coat that Anna had an eye on

    ... and proposed to pick two sizes, so she could find the best fit. Henry has delivered the package and later returned half of the order.

  • Tomasz, 27, CEO
    Single | Startup owner
    What has he gained?

    Feeling secure and knowing that his responsibilities are in capable hands is highly valued by Tomasz. He places great importance on having a personal assistant who understands his preferences and habits. He underscores how this accelerates tasks and enhances their overall quality.

    We have made an appointment for servicing his car

    ... drove the vehicle there and taken it to a car wash on the way back.

    We have found a gift for Mother's Day

    ... purchased the one he chose and delivered it with a bouquet of flowers a day before the celebration.

    We have found a wooden sauna manufacturer

    ... making his dream about having his own private one come true.

    We have scheduled regular barber appointments

    ... because we had access to his calendar and knew his preferences regarding the salon and time of getting this service.

    We have organized his birthday trip

    ... by finding a show of his favourite artist on a European tour. We bought the VIP tickets, and booked a flight and a hotel.

Have any of our packages attracted your attention? Or do you have any additional questions about our service?

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