We see how our word might not be enough – take a look at what the people who have chosen our services for their business have to say about us. After all, Their satisfaction is our best advertisement.

  • The main reason for implementing Henry was to make it easier for employees to run errands, which could only be done during working hours. If we can make our employees' lives easier every day through a benefit like Henry, why not?

    Paulina Lipińska
    People Operations Program Manager
  • Flexibility is what we value at AskHenry the most. AskHenry service gives back the time of our employees, caring about their safety at the same time. It allows them to focus on pleasure, family or just sit back and relax. A relaxed and calm employee is a good employee.

    Aneta Maćkowiak
    HR manager
  • What makes AskHenry unique is that he is an assistant who supports the whole team, not just the board. It makes a huge difference, which shows us that we care about our employees' time.

    Aleksandra Pszczoła
  • A great advantage is the fast pace of onboarding, which does not require a complicated implementation procedure. AskHenry's professional approach to service delivery and timely completion of orders makes this incredibly competitive solution.

    Agnieszka Laskowska-Osoba
    Director of Finance and Benefits
  • AskHenry helps us to support different employee groups. Examples? There you go: Henry helps foreigners which require some guidance with taking care of everyday tasks or is a great solution for young parents that always have their hands full.

    Łucja Czuba-Widiantoro
    Senior HR Coordinator
  • During the pandemic, documents, hardware, shopping, gifts, and anything else, could be passed between our team, thanks to Henry. In my opinion, it proves that AskHenry can be a great solution for businesses running fully or partly remote.

    Martyna Łapaj
    Human Resources Specialist
  • While many of the employee benefits have become clichés, AskHenry service is something fresh and original. Still few companies (yet) can be proud to offer this service to their employees. It is a benefit that can actually help the employee, and not only serve the role of a "cool thing to have in the job offer description".

    Magdalena Płaza
    Branding & Communication Manager

What do we believe in and why do we do it?

We believe that modern work benefits and concierge service should not only improve the work environment but also should simply make their users’ lives better. That is why our main principle and satisfaction source is the fact that we are able to make the everyday chores of the people who have trusted us with them easier. And our users like to show us how much they appreciate it. It really does matter :)


How do we operate?

As an employee benefit, we support employees of the best Polish employers in managing reality.

As an individual client service, we respond to the needs of those who value their time and companies that need administrative support.

Henry has more than one name :)

AskHenry is a well-coordinated team of different people, who all have thoroughness, hard work, and persistence in finding the best solutions for our clients and users close to their hearts.

We are treating our users’ trust with utmost importance, that is why we have never left any task unsolved.


Marcin Pietras
Co-Founder, CEO
Bartosz Piecuch
Filip Witoń
Team Coordinator Warsaw
Dominika Jezierska-Kisiel
Finance Specialist
Jan Stempowski
City Assistant Warszawa / Content Reels Creator
Anna Dzięgielewska
Customer Service Specialist
Krzysztof Sporczyk
City Assistant Warsaw
Aleksandra Korzep
City Assistant Warszawa
Patryk Pawelczak
Team Coordinator Wroclaw, Poznan, Lodz
Gabriela Kaczmarek
Online Assistant
Klaudia Ejsmont
Online Assistant
Piotr Gybej
City Assistant Wroclaw
Izabela Karońska
Executive Assistant
Maciej Zalewski
City Assistant Warszawa
Aleksandra Rudnicka
Online Team Manager
Jakub Barański
City Assistant Poznan
Anna Piwońska
Head of Customer Relations
Rafał Domański
City Assistant Warszawa
Igor Kijak
City Assistant Wroclaw
Konrad Kolba
Team Coordinator Krakow
Dominika Harasimiuk
Executive Assistant
Anita Stefaniak
HR Specialist
Jan Bartoszek
City Assistant Kraków
Alicja Bassek
Senior Online assistant
Mateusz Górka
Logistics Specialist
Patrycja Maksymiak
Executive Assistant
Julia Specht
Online Assistant
Nina Fokczyńska
Online Assistant
Michał Gałązka
City Assistant Warszawa
Nicole Tomanek
Head of People & Culture
Wirginia Iżykowska
Customer Experience Analyst
Bartosz Sasimowski
Head of Operational Exellence