What will we contribute to your business?

AskHenry is a benefit for small, medium and big organizations. We would like to talk to you about our services personally, so…

  • A flexible benefit

    Ssingle tool fulfilling a wide range of needs that is customized to serve different employee groups

  • Personal assistant

    That improves the quality of life of your employees, their family and friends

  • Employer branding advantage

    Our research shows that AskHenry makes a great argument in the recruitment process

  • Ready-made service

    that does not require any changes in culture or structure and does not overburden HR with additional tasks

What will employees gain?

AskHenry was created to make your employees’ life easier. Each of them will gain a personal assistant tailored to their reality and individual needs.

How does onboarding and care look like?


We will help you to save up to 8.5 hours a month


We have completed 138 285 tasks in total (as of February 2024)

Peace of mind

We got 91% of positive reviews from our users

  • A waffle iron gave me a lot of scope for kitchen experiments and eventually became a problem. When it stopped working, I knew I would have to go through the pain of filing a complaint at the store. Getting there, the unpleasant service, checking the status of the complaint and probably not getting the money back... Henry has picked up the waffle iron and taken care of everything. The result? Now I have a brand-new appliance and a few hours saved to myself.

    Anna Materka
    Head of the Cafeteria Product Management Team
  • My dogs are a true companion in everyday life, not to mention, a huge part of it. That's why I didn't want to leave them at home during holidays. I was planning out my hiking trip to Beskidy and asked Henry to provide me with a list of trails that allow pets. I wanted to avoid any misunderstandings on the trails. The time I have saved I spent on finding other places I wanted to see during my trip.

    Maciej Tomczyński
    Android Developer
  • Finding a currency exchange in Warsaw that sells dollars? No-brainer! Finding a currency exchange in Warsaw that will sell me a single dollar when I desperately needed one is another kind of story. AskHenry saved the day! I got the address of the right currency exchange within hours.

    Marketing Communication Intern
  • A tiny bear keychain that was a gift included in one of my purchases turned out to be my child's favourite thing in the world. When it got lost, I couldn't watch how heartbroken she was. AskHenry found similar and identical bears – which was a needle in a haystack kind of situation. My daughter has got her beloved toy back, and I became a hero in my own home :)

    Bartłomiej Rapacz
    Backend developer

How does onboarding and care look like?

Let's discuss your business for us to get to know it better

We will establish how your business’ benefit map looks like right now, get to know the specifics, numbers, and structure of your employees, as well as their daily location.

We will create a tailor-made solution to fit your business

Once we get to know you, we will create a customized offer and determine the scope of online and onsite tickets for you.

Onboarding Henry is conducted in a way that every employee can use our services right away

We will prepare guideline materials (i.e. a dedicated website) on AskHenry and conduct at least 2 introductory meetings to ensure that our service is dedicated to them – available at hand, also outside work.

We will do the onboarding of new employees gradually, improve the quality of our service and report

You will be assigned with a dedicated account manager that will be taking care of monthly reports, quality assurance and planning extra activities for the employees, such as special events or webinars.

AskHenry gives you time for life and important things

Hi! I'm Anna and I take care of the businesses that trusted AskHenry.

Write a message and I will contact you shortly to discuss all your questions.