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  • Paulina Kolondra
    Administrative Director
🟡 What additional value do you see from the implementation, as an HR department?

First of all, it is a service and a benefit which makes us stand out from other offers on the market. Moreover, AskHenry makes our employees’ lives easier, allowing them to dedicate themselves to work fully and be more relaxed.

🟡 Do you think AskHenry is a good investment in employee wellbeing?

Definitely, yes. Thanks to this service we offer our employees what is the most important – time.

🟡 What do you like the most about the AskHenry service?

The flexibility of the services provided, i.e. adaptation to the client’s needs. A perfect example of this is the Covid-19 situation.

🟡 How have people’s perceptions of the service changed during the pandemic? What has AskHenry contributed to your organisation during this time?

We appreciate Henry’s flexibility and help. At the moment when doing the groceries was very difficult, we had our shopping delivered to our homes on the second day. This allowed our employees to be calm and focus on working from home – we did not notice any changes in their effectiveness.

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