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At Nationale-Nederlanden, we offer simple and understandable insurance products, thanks to which we secure the financial future of our clients and their loved ones. As a socially responsible company, we also engage and operate in the area of significant social problems related to the health and quality of life of Poles.

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  • Agnieszka Laskowska-Osoba
    Director of Payroll and Benefits
🟡What convinced you to implement AskHenry’s services in your organisation?

At Nationale-Nederlanden, we care not only about fair wages for our employees but also about working conditions that are adapted to their changing needs.

🟡 How went the implementation of AskHenry in your organisation?

An advantage worth mentioning is the speed of implementation which does not require a complicated process. The professional approach of AskHenry to the implementation of services and timely execution of orders make this solution very competitive.

🟡 What do you see as AskHenry’s greatest value?

The service contributes to greater job satisfaction, which then translates to our employees being more effective, willing to work with us longer, as well as recommending our company as a valuable workplace.

🟡 What do you like the most about the AskHenry service?

Our employees are granted many benefits. In addition to popular solutions such as flexible working hours or access to training, we decided to offer them a more non-standard benefit. At the end of 2018, we established cooperation with the startup AskHenry (…).

A personal assistant is an innovative and unique solution on the benefits market, which can be used by all employees of our company for a relatively low cost for the employer. The system cannot be compared to other non-wage benefits that we offer as an employer, because it concerns the non-measurable sphere, which is the quality of life of our employees.

Thanks to assigning tasks to a personal assistant, employees gain hours that they can spend with their family or devote to personal development.

🟡 At the specific time of the pandemic, how do employees perceive AskHenry’s support?

The personal assistant is a profit, which worked perfectly during the Coronavirus pandemic. Our employees can outsource tasks from their own homes, which helps in limiting visits to public places. As an employer who cares about their employees, we definitely will continue and develop our cooperation with AskHenry.

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