Success Story at Better Software Group!

We are a Polish technology company that creates projects in the video, TV, streaming and broadcasting industries for clients around the world.

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  • Anna Matuszak
    HR Manager

🟡 What made you decide to implement AskHenry?

In Better Software Group we have been looking for a benefit that would actually have value for our employees.

🟡 How did the implementation go?

The implementation was quick and easy, despite some difficulties in getting all our employees engaged :)

🟡 Which value do you consider the greatest for your employees?

Time! :) AskHenry is a huge time-saver because it takes care of the tasks which would usually be postponed multiple times.

🟡 Who would you recommend AskHenry to?

Anyone who values their time. Also, any company that genuinely cares about work-life balance of their employees.

I've helped Better Software Group
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