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ROCKWOOL Global Business Service Center (RGBS) is a competence centre in the ROCKWOOL Group and provides services in the field of accounting, finance and IT.

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  • Aneta Maćkowiak
    HR Manager
  • Joanna Kaźmierczak
    Office Coordinator
🟡 What convinced you to implement AskHenry’s services in your organisation?

It is an original benefit, which fits into our ethos of taking care of our employees, as well as widely understood wellbeing.

🟡 What convinced you to extend our cooperation after the pilot ended?

Above all, positive feedback from the employees, who greatly appreciated this benefit. At the beginning, the employees “tried” Henry and gave him very difficult tasks which Henry, to their surprise, completed. After 3 months Henry had saved us 845h so the decision was obvious.

🟡 What advantages do you see from implementing AskHenry?

Primarily, saved time and satisfaction of our employees, which we cannot buy in any other way.

Investing in well-being of employees is an important role of every employer. By expanding benefits available in our company, including AskHenry service, we show that we care about them.

🟡 What do you like the most about the AskHenry service?

Flexibility is what we value the most in Henry. AskHenry service gives our employees’ time back to them, at the same time caring about their safety. It allows them to focus on pleasure, family or just get some rest. A well-rested and calm employee is a good employee.

Henry has proved their flexibility also during the difficult time of the pandemic, where they adapted the service and assisted employees at private addresses so that our workers could stay safely at home.

🟡 What does AskHenry give you in your daily life?

AskHenry service has taken care of long-overdue tasks, such as fixing a watch, a broken gold chain or taking a favourite pair of shoes to the shoemaker immediately. If it hadn’t been for Henry’s help, they would still be left unattended.

🟡 How have people’s perceptions of the service changed during the pandemic? What has AskHenry contributed to your organisation during this time?

During the pandemic, AskHenry has been very flexible and quickly adjusted its work mode to new conditions. During the time, when everyone was scared to leave their home and be exposed to contracting the virus, Henry has delivered orders to the individual addresses of our employees, keeping them safe. Sometimes Henry went to pick up a monitor or a chair for our employee from the office.

This kind of support was also recognized positively by our team.

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