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  • Karolina Gajewska
    Senior HR Coordinator
  • Joanna Kopeć
    General Manager Poland
🟡 What convinced you to implement AskHenry’s services in your organisation?

Molnlycke Health Care in Poland is a rapidly growing organization. We value our time and focus on set goals. AskHenry allows us to take care of the most important things and spend our free time resting effectively among our closest ones.

🟡 What additional value do you see from the implementation, as an HR department?

AskHenry is a unique benefit which supports employees and our office in better functioning. We know that this benefit is greatly appreciated by the employees, gives them the comfort of work and more time to regenerate afterwards.

🟡 What do you like the most about the AskHenry service?

What we value most are great flexibility and understanding of our needs. We are also impressed by the continuous improvement of our cooperation, solution-thinking and quick contact. We are very grateful for all the support we received during the pandemic and the new formula for the execution of orders – incl. delivering purchases to the door of employees living in Warsaw and Poznan.

🟡 What convinced you to extend our cooperation after the pilot ended?

We were convinced by all the positive feedback from employees, and the growing number of orders, which equalled saved hours. We have also been relieved of the tasks ensuring the efficient functioning of the office (onsite tasks, delivery of equipment, etc.)

🟡 How have people’s perceptions of the service changed during the pandemic? What has AskHenry contributed to your organisation during this time?

The time of the pandemic was very intense for us because our clients needed special support. We were impressed with how quickly AskHenry offered us additional support and solutions such as the delivery of purchases and other orders to the employees’ door, efficient document circulation outside the office by delivering them for signature or delivering meals, and even catering for holidays.

Thanks to this, we were able to focus on additional duties that arose in our work and have everything necessary for remote work.

🟡 At this particular time, how do employees perceive AskHenry’s support?

All our employees were astounded by the expanded support of AskHenry and even better effectiveness in completing the tasks. We have heard many incredible stories about unconventional tasks that have been completed, as well as thanks for this benefit.

🟡 Do you think AskHenry is a good investment in employee wellbeing?

Yes, we think it was a great decision to start working with AskHenry. Regular reports show that thanks to this service we save many hours, which each of us can use in a different way. Moreover, even the most difficult tasks are carried out.

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