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🟡 How went the implementation of AskHenry in your company?

Implementing AskHenry went smoothly and from the very beginning, we have recognized the substantial value of this service. We are supported in small and major tasks, which we do not have to take care of outside the office anymore. With time, we have learned to use AskHenry’s support more effectively, which allowed us to save a lot of time.

🟡 What convinced you to implement AskHenry’s services in your organisation?

We have decided to implement AskHenry because we value our time and wanted to provide our team with comfortable working conditions. At first, when I presented my partner with the idea, he was not convinced. After organizing a presentation and showing the possibilities Henry has, we have decided it was a home run.

Then, after each week of cooperating with Henry, we were being ensured that it was an excellent choice.

🟡 What advantages do you see from implementing AskHenry?

Henry knows more and more places where we take care of our tasks. The longer we use this service, the quicker the completion of our tasks is.

🟡 Do you think AskHenry is a good investment in employee wellbeing?

Henry is distinct in providing support for the whole team, not only for the board. It is a crucial difference, which demonstrates that we care about our employees’ time.

Moreover, the service is designed in a way that as an employer we can monitor the number of tickets. As a result, we can follow the quantitative use of the service, as well as track the time gained back by our employees. Therefore, a benefit of this kind is saving for everyone.

🟡 What is the greatest value you see from implementing AskHenry?

We treat AskHenry as an extension of our team. I think that every team has a list of low-priority tasks that are endlessly postponed. This also applies to domestic tasks, like buying new lightbulbs, going to dry-cleaners or getting a desk at IKEA for a new employee. Here Henry will take care of that.

🟡 At the specific time of the pandemic, how do employees perceive AskHenry’s support?

During the pandemic, AskHenry has instantly adjusted to our needs and taken care of our team by, for example, doing groceries. They did so by taking all the precautions, and caring about their own and our employees’ health. The team which used Henry’s services at that time appreciated their devotion and flexibility. The employees were grateful for the actual help that they received for themselves and their families.

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