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Tribe47 runs digital marketing strategies. The agency introduces innovative products and ideas thanks to a well-coordinated team. Employees share a passion for digital and a common goal – development.

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  • Martyna Łapaj
    Human Resources Specialist
🟡 What convinced you to implement AskHenry’s services in your organisation?

We have a very young team, and we ourselves are a young, small organization. A great deal of “classic benefits” would simply not work for our business.

After talking with you, we knew that it was something ingenious, innovative and actually helpful for our employees that have a lot of work to do… Or simply prefer to spend their free time on integrating and not in a line at the post office.

🟡 Which value do you consider the greatest for your employees?

Every new member of our team has reacted positively to your service. I feel that I offer our team a valuable, practical benefit and it brings me a lot of satisfaction.

In addition, AskHenry supports me in logistics of atypical integration work events, especially during isolation. We have arranged an exchange of hand-made gifts and, thanks to you, all the gifts were delivered to the right address!

🟡 Do you think AskHenry is a good investment in employee wellbeing?

Of course! Not everybody goes regularly to the gym, not everyone has to use private medical care frequently… but everyone has too little time to get everything done. And that is what AskHenry offers.

🟡 What advantages do you see from implementing AskHenry?

You often are our company car, which we do not possess. (…) The costs of your service are not overwhelming, they are affordable, even for a small business. What is more, it is a benefit for the company, but people use it individually, which makes them feel appreciated directly.

🟡 What convinced you to extend our cooperation after the pilot ended?

AskHenry works for our business – people perceive you as a practical solution. One of our team members said: “I might as well never leave the office again. Things get done themselves.”

🟡 How have people’s perceptions of the service changed during the pandemic? What has AskHenry contributed to your organisation during this time?

Very positively! AskHenry has helped us with the onboarding and offboarding of our employees. Documents, equipment, shopping, gifts – we could transfer everything thanks to you. In my opinion, it has proved that AskHenry works in companies operating partially or fully remote!


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