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  • Kalina Pasternak
    Senior HR Business Partner

🟡 What made you decide to implement AskHenry?

Going fully remote forced our employees to adjust their lifestyles. Before, when we commuted to the office every day, some of the menial tasks could be taken care of on the way to work – shopping, going to the post office, etc. Working from home does not present us with such opportunities. It has become increasingly hard to get ourselves to go shopping in a big supermarket, especially when it was unsafe during the pandemic.

In addition, we started hiring employees from all over Poland and wanted to be able to offer assistance to those people. AskHenry provides their service not only in larger cities but also country-wide in tasks handled online, which also helps to release time.

🟡 How did the implementation go?

Implementing AskHenry in our company was lightning-quick. After initial discussions on the scope of the service and the principles of the operation, we agreed on an action plan.

AskHenry has created a unique home page for Objectivity employees. We have prepared email communication as well as two online information sessions.

During the session, AskHenry representatives described the service in detail and answered all our employees’ questions. A FAQ document was created based on the most frequently asked questions, available both on the AskHenry website and in our employees’ inboxes.

The implementation also includes a reminder about the available service a few months after our cooperation had started. That is why we had decided to organize an additional session for our employees six months after the implementation, which was in December, when many people decide to try the service out to get support with Christmas errands.

🟡 Which value do you consider the greatest for your employees?

Based on the information that we receive, it appears that thanks to the service, employees save time on necessary but less important tasks and allocate it to priorities.

Instead of queuing up or spending hours searching for something online, they can focus on what’s more important to them.

Additionally, by handling onsite tasks, employees save travel costs.

🟡 Who would you recommend AskHenry to?

I recommend AskHenry to all the people who would prefer to focus on their priorities or cannot find time to take care of some personal business during their work time.

It is a great service for those employees who had decided to go fully or partially remote, for sure. Truth be told, none of us is excited to go to the post office, which makes AskHenry a service suitable for anyone.

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