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Codility creates a platform which allows to check and assess technical skills with use of remote test and pair programming sessions.

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  • Paulina Lipińska
    People Operations Program Manager

🟡 What made you decide to implement AskHenry?

AskHenry is an unconventional benefit and brings a wealth of value to employees.

We started the implementation process before the pandemic when we used Henry considerably differed from how we use it now. You could say that Henry was going through a transformation along with all its users.

The fundamental reason why we chose Henry was the desire to make our employees’ errands that could only be run exclusively during business hours easier. Before, they were wasting their precious time either on getting to shops and offices during their operating hours or due to the time-consuming nature of whatever thing they had to take care of. This leads to lowered productivity as well as increased frustration. If we could make our employees’ lives easier through a benefit like Henry, then why not?

🟡 How did the implementation go?

The implementation went smoothly, just as the changes that had to be made during the pandemic. It was very natural. Switching fully remote, the way our employees communicated and settled up accounts with Henry. All those elements had quickly been adjusted to the situation which allowed the implementation of service remain nice and simple.

🟡 Which value do you consider the greatest for your employees?

Saving time. Time is at a premium, now they can spend much more of it on the things that matter most to them. Whether it be relaxing after work, hobbies, training with their pet or having dinner with the family.

The opportunities to use this time are endless.

🟡 Who would you recommend AskHenry to?

Anyone who cares about their employees’ comfort.

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