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  • Magdalena Płaza
    Branding & Communication Manager

🟡 What made you decide to implement AskHenry?

Intuition 😎

But, seriously: we had decided to cooperate with AskHenry at the moment when we had to make changes during the pandemic, meaning going fully remote. In this situation, we wanted to make our employees’ lives easier, especially when part of them had to balance work and family life. In such circumstances, saving time, which AskHenry granted, was priceless.

🟡 What additional value do you see from the implementation, as an HR department?

While many benefits have become cliches (especially in the IT branch, where the benefits system is significant), AskHenry’s service is something fresh and original. Not many companies (Yet: :)) can be proud to offer it. Moreover, it is a proposal which can actually benefit the employees and not only be a cool thing to put on job listings.

🟡 Can you, and if so, to whom can you recommend our service?

I think that becoming friends with Henry can be valuable for any employee, regardless of their branch or company they work for.

🟡 What convinced you to extend our cooperation after the pilot ended?

Positive feedback from FP’s who were asked for their opinion:). But also, our remote work mode. Currently, Henry has been helping our employees in many cases connected to visiting the office, document circulation, transferring equipment or in our latest virtual work events.

🟡 What do you like the most about the AskHenry service?

For me personally – the satisfaction of the employees that use AskHenry. From many sources, I have heard that FP’s appreciate the possibility to use this service, all the time saving and professionalism connected to it

🟡 How much has your perception of the AskHenry service changed during the pandemic period? What has AskHenry brought to your organisation during this time?

The service has been helpful, especially to the people living with their families or the ones who just wanted to limit going outside. To be honest, I admire Henry for their dedication.

I believe that their presence ensures a sense of safety in that despite all the changes around us, the most urgent tasks will be completed on time by nice and competent people. We don’t have to stress over another thing, which is priceless today.

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