The ELC scheme according to Zyta Machnicka: the revolution we need.

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Remember the butterfly life cycle from school? We only ask because the ELC or Employee Lifecycle diagram is the lifecycle of an employee in an organisation, as described by Zyta Machnicka in her book, ‘‘A Better Employer”. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an employer or an employee – ELC really does make life easier in a company. Ready for the 6 steps? Here we go.

ELC diagram step 1: Attraction

Attraction, or good vibes. Show why it’s worth working here. Surprise your prospective employee with a benefit they won’t expect. Remember, recruitment is a process that starts well before the job advert is published. All your company’s messages come together to form impressions that ultimately build your image. Marketers call these touchpoints or brand touchpoints. A touchpoint is not just advertising, social media channels, flyers and company gadgets. Touchpoints with your company are also… words. Words among which the name of your company falls. If you decide on an original employee benefit – you can be sure you will attract attention and people will talk about it. This will mean that your company has just scored first base in the ELC scheme.

AskHenry as an original benefit? We know it works. Your employee will feel looked after and safe. See what employers say when they communicate in the recruitment process that AskHenry support is in place at their company.

It is a benefit that, for the time being, also sets us apart somewhat in the market. A benefit that candidates already react very positively to at the recruitment stage.

~ Dorota Kowalik & Anna Hofmann-Samelak |  Nordcloud


Hardly anyone has experienced a similar solution at their previous employers.

~ Łucja Czuba-Widiantoro & Aleksandra Favero |  Brainly

ELC diagram step 2: Recruitment

Recruitment, that is do everything to reduce candidate stress.

Remember, the recruitment process for many people (including those with extensive experience and excellent skills) may not be a favourite experience. Presenting your skills, knowledge, experience and willingness to the people you want to earn money from is not comfortable for everyone. ;)

Your job, as a future employer but also as an equal partner in the conversation, is to make the other side feel comfortable. An advantage, on the other hand, is the aces up your sleeve. Today, an employee is not only won over by a specific salary offer, but also by what you attach to it. An attractive, distinctive employee benefit will say more about you than a gym pass or a fruit Thursday. Choosing a non-standard service for an employee will send a clear signal: you care about the real needs of your employees, you go beyond the ordinary, you know the importance of delegating tasks or dedicating work to specialists, for example. One of our clients puts it this way:

While many benefits have become clichéd ideas (particularly in the IT industry, where there is a strong emphasis on the benefit system), the AskHenry service is something new and original.

Magdalena Płaza  |  Future Processing

ELC diagram krok 3: Onboarding

Onboarding, or adapting and introducing the new to the band.

Some of the most important tasks of the onboarding phase are to introduce the new employee to the team, show him or her their workstation and the premises in the office and inform them about the company values, the structure of the organisation and communication standards. Think of onboarding as a kind of move. We spend an average of eight hours a day in the corporate space. How you prepare this space for employees will have a huge impact on their productivity.

If you are short of time or simply want to make sure that a new person in the team is welcomed as expected, enlist the help of AskHenry. What can you outsource to us? We deliver welcome packs, order the right furniture and, if it’s a remote job, move the equipment from your office to your home. We’ll help with the choice of monitor and office chair. We will organise everything so that both sides feel comfortable in their new situation.

ELC diagram step 4: Development

Surely you know that development is a key value that leads to success. Sounds serious huh? But it really is the most important thing! The research is clear: there are still many employees who are not aware of the opportunities for personal development at work. And this is not because organisations do not offer training, classes or courses to employees. They simply do not communicate about them. Zyta Machnicka has written a book about authentic employer branding. Authentic means simple, visible, clearly communicated and sincere.

How can AskHenry help you develop your employees? We will take care of the organisation of your training or conference from scratch: we will find a space that suits you and take care of its professional equipment. We will order catering that takes into account different dietary preferences. We’ve been doing this for years and, whatever you say, we’ve been pretty successful. ;) Make an appointment with us to discuss what you need or don’t know, what will really appeal to your employees. Our services are not just ‘running around town’, but more importantly – professional advice.

ELC diagram step 5: Retention

Retention, or the length of your relationship. How long are you able to keep an employee with your company? HR departments even have a chart of appropriate retention and there is a clearly defined indicator. We would like you to think of retention as a relationship that you measure the satisfaction of both parties. What matters most to you is why employees want to stay with your company.

That they remain means that:

  • they feel satisfaction with their work
  • the conditions you offer and provide are good for them
  • you give more than your competitors

How can you engage AskHenry to maintain a satisfactory employee retention rate? First, recommendations from customers:

The service fosters greater job satisfaction – it makes employees perform more efficiently and stay with us for a long time, and they are more likely to recommend our company as a valuable place to work.

Agnieszka Laskowska-Osoba  |  Nationale-Nederlanden


What sets Henry apart is that he is an assistant who supports the whole team, not just the management. This is a fundamental difference that shows us that we value the time of our employees.

Aleksandra Pszczoła  |  Bee Talents

At AskHenry: we look for ideas for gifts / integrations / outings, help deliver gifts, support the HR department (in almost everything you can delegate, seriously!). We book cinema, theatre and museum tickets, deliver fuel cards and multisport cards (also from offices to flats) to almost anywhere in Poland.

ELC diagram step 6: Offboarding

Offboarding, or goodbyes. They can (and even should) be OK. How you part ways with an employee can say more about you than how you greet them. It’s worth keeping it classy until the very end – you never know when, where or how your paths will cross again. Besides, a well-run business also relies on a healthy way of closing a partnership. We are happy to take care of the equipment an employee gives up from working remotely from home to the office. We will organise a farewell party and buy a gift. We will also give you a hint about the market trends in this topic. You can always count on AskHenry.