Would you prefer to be productive or just busy? Let the concierge lighten your load.

Constant lack of time to achieve strategic goals. Overwhelmed by daily administrative tasks. Stress related to organizing business trips and booking tickets. A sense of chaos and ineffectiveness in managing your calendar and correspondence.

Does this sound familiar? Fortunately, there is a solution – concierge services.

What is AskHenry for boards and managers?

AskHenry for boards and managers combines traditional assistant support in the professional area with concierge services in personal life. We dedicate our support to Boards, Directors, and Managers – all those who carry out key projects every day, value productivity, and want to enhance their well-being.

We provide our service in a flexible billing model, charging only for the hours used – this way, we adapt to the needs of our users.

What tasks can we perform for your company?

  • Time management assistance
    Planning and coordinating board or CEO meetings.

    Entrust us with the area of executive meeting planning; we focus on precise scheduling, taking into account the preferences and needs of each participant to ensure the smooth flow of important discussions and decisions.

    Booking conference rooms, hotels, and transportation.

    Our task is not only to find the most comfortable conference rooms and exclusive hotels but also to ensure seamless transportation tailored to the individual needs of the client, creating a comprehensive and comfortable business travel experience.

    Creating schedules and sending reminders about deadlines.

    We ensure punctuality and efficiency by creating detailed meeting schedules and sending reminders about important deadlines, making sure no crucial moment is overlooked.

    Managing the meeting calendar.

    We take care of updating and maintaining the meeting calendar, adapting it to current needs and changes in plans to ensure clarity and organization.

    Coordinating business trips (including flights, hotels, and transportation).

    We offer comprehensive coordination of all business matters, such as booking flights, hotels, and transportation, eliminating unnecessary stress related to travel arrangements and allowing you to focus on important business issues.

    Preparing reports for the Board of Directors.

    Our role also includes preparing precise reports on events and meetings, providing the board or CEO with clear summaries that aid in decision-making based on comprehensive information.

  • Organization of documents and information.
    Preparing documents, reports, and presentations.

    We will handle the comprehensive preparation of documents, reports, and presentations of the highest quality, ensuring professionalism and alignment with the board's expectations. We provide precise and effective materials that highlight key information.

    Archiving and digitizing documents.

    Effective document archiving and digitization, enabling quick access to important information at any time. We operate in accordance with the latest data security standards.

    Tracking current events, market trends, and other necessary information.

    Actively monitoring current events, market trends, and key industry information, providing the board with a comprehensive perspective and assisting in strategic decision-making.

    Preparing summaries and reports on specified topics.

    We specialize in quickly preparing precise summaries and reports on specified topics.

    Optimization of the CEO's or board's schedule.

    We will optimize the CEO's or board's schedule, taking into account individual preferences and aiming for maximum efficiency, allowing them to focus on key tasks.

    Ensuring that priorities are properly set.

    We will ensure that priorities are properly set, helping the board focus on the most important business goals.

    Preparing correspondence and statements for the Board of Directors.

    We will prepare high-quality correspondence and statements for the Board of Directors, ensuring precise and clear communications that support decision-making processes at the highest level.

  • Support in personal life
    Grocery shopping from any store with delivery.

    We will take care of your grocery shopping comprehensively, including creating a list, choosing the most convenient store, making the purchases, and delivering them straight to your door, saving you valuable time.

    Planning a weekend getaway to the mountains with activities included.

    We will organize a weekend getaway to the mountains, including comprehensive planning of routes, booking accommodations, and arranging activities, all tailored to your individual preferences.

    Fulfilling prescription medication orders.

    Zajmiemy się zrealizowaniem recepty na leki, obejmując proces zakupu i dostarczenia leków prosto do domu, eliminując konieczność osobistego załatwiania spraw związanych z apteką.

    Car concierge – taking your car for a wash, service, or tire change.

    Our car concierge service offers comprehensive vehicle management, including organizing car washes, technical inspections, tire changes, and other necessary repairs, allowing you the freedom to focus on other aspects of your life.

    Research of professionals needed for home repairs

    Do you need an electrician, installer, locksmith, or plumber? We will find the right professional and schedule an appointment at a convenient time for you.

    Delivering documents to the tax office.

    We will deliver documents to the tax office, ensuring precise and timely submission.

    Restaurant table reservation.

    We will reserve a table at a restaurant according to your preferences, taking care of all the details.

    Purchasing theater tickets.

    We will handle purchasing theater tickets, from selecting the best seats to delivering the tickets straight to your door, ensuring convenience and a guaranteed enjoyable cultural evening for our clients.

What we offer?

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