Embracing chaos in your rhythm? Piotr Nabielec shows you how.

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“How to deal with chaos in a few steps? Slow productivity” is a webinar by Ask Henry, prepared with Piotr Nabielec: trainer and manager with more than 10 years of experience in IT, Produktywni.pl owner. It turns out that the problem, seemingly unsolvable, can be disassembled and reassembled in a slow rhythm.

Productivity – how, when and where?

Productivity is a concept that is often misunderstood. Is it unproductive to spend time on the couch with a book? Are we productive when the tasks we were supposed to do in two days are done in one?

Well-understood productivity will answer you: it depends… If your reading time has regenerated you, given you a shot of dopamine, relaxed your mind, brought you the air you needed – your day has been productive.

If, on the other hand, the fact that you managed to close the task within a day instead of two, bring you huge fatigue the next day-it is worth considering whether it was definitely worth it. Piotr Nabielec presented a very simple equation on how he understands productivity: think about the effect, what you achieve when you perform these tasks and how much time you spend on it.

If you can achieve a balance between time and effect – you can give yourself a pat on the back – that is productivity.

Balanced productivity: let’s start with the basics

Piotr divided the webinar into 4 subject matters:

  • base, 3 ways to think about productivity,
  • to-do lists,
  • long-term productivity,
  • weekly task review.

In European culture (but not only) the number 3 has a symbolic meaning. It is associated mainly with Harmony: body, soul and mind. In mathematics, its importance is enormous, just look up Wikipedia to see how important it is in geometry or trigonometry. For religious people, too, the trinity is fundamental. We’re not going to talk about numerology or psychics, but really – three is the number that will make your planning easier.

Piotr named the number 3 the most important tool that you could have on the way to your productivity. It is worth every now and then to think about what were the three most important things, that happened this week or day. What are the three most important values for me, which I am guided by in life? What three things have I done for myself lately? Three has power.

Start asking yourself these questions, and you’ll see how much your life starts to change.

The levels you’re at every day

Piotr says “divide time into episodes” and in his webinar, he talks about how he divides time into concepts such as day and week, projects and areas, strategy and the bigger picture.

  • Day and week – it’s the operational parts of time that build productivity. In their space, you comprehend the tasks that you perform during the day, write down a list of tasks and check if everything goes according to plan. At the end of the week, you can take a look at what’s been done. The daily and weekly plan doesn’t take up your time. They give it to you.


  • Projects and areas – it doesn’t have to be just projects related to your work. Health project, rest project, sleep project. Each of them is very important and you need to remember to meet these needs on the way to achieving your productivity. Design your life – let it become your good habit.


  • Strategy – so it’s good to have a plan for life. It has become especially important due to recent events. Our life is not a straight, once given line, flowing harmoniously. Life requires flexibility and the ability to adapt to the circumstances in which we live. Check every now and then to see whether you remember your strategy. Maybe you should finally consider making one. Maybe it’s time to change your mind. Remember, a good strategy involves the possibility of change.


  • Big picture – which boils down to the question: Am I happy in life? There is an interesting experiment in which only one question should be asked: why? Try to ask yourself, starting with something minuscule, for example: why do you like to sleep? In the vast majority of cases, the answer is… the desire to be happy.

The bigger picture will help you determine the level of your happiness.

A list, a personal list.

Do you make to-do lists? Good. To-do lists help us see what needs to be done and how long it takes us. However, no list will work if you don’t follow it. Don’t make long lists-in life, too, important things happen with small steps. What is important and what is worth remembering – make a list in one place. Divide your daily and weekly schedule as easily and as quickly as possible.

Piotr pays special attention to the time of planning: if my planning of the day exceeds 5 minutes, it is definitely too long and I must be making some kind of mistake. As you already know, there is a multitude of task planning, list making tools – Piotr mentions some of them in the webinar. If you want to check our host’s recommendations, listen to the webinar ;)

AskHenry: when chaos is beyond comprehension

There are situations where even meticulous planning and strategy-making needs solid support. You’re working on an important project that you can’t leave behind, and your kid needs a Batman costume for tomorrow? Perhaps you don’t want to give up time for relax but you just have to make renovations and pick up some heavy boxes from the builder’s supply? Maybe you just want to devote the time you’ve saved on good productivity to something other than getting things done?

AskHenry was created for this very reason. For people who occasionally need to delegate their tasks outside. Not everything is worth taking care of in person. It takes a long time to find a suitable water filter pitcher for your family: you probably want to read about it on the internet, compare the parameters, ask your family for an opinion. Ah, choosing the color, additional cartridges and the question of whether you have a place on the kitchen counter … AskHenry will do it for you – while you focus on the things that are most important.


Learn more about task planning, task management and conscious productivity from the webinar by Piotr Nabielec and AskHenry “How to deal with chaos in a few steps? Slow productivity.”