Private concierge. Let yourself get help with duties, and rest.

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The most valuable currency of the modern day is time – we never get enough of it. For the longest time, we have been convinced that “everything is just a matter of good organization”. We take upon ourselves more responsibilities, striving for elusive perfection. We want to be employees of the month and perfect homeowners. What if we could get off this mad carousel and just get help?

AskHenry’s private assistant gives you such a possibility. This is a definite extended version of the private concierge service. Find out what that means.

Private concierge is a service that is associated with luxury. People hear about it and instantly imagine millionaires driving around in fancy cars. Well, you don’t have to (but you obviously could!) stay at 5-star hotels and own an expensive yacht. No matter your income, profession or marital status, you also deserve rest and we want to support you in it. We have significantly expanded the scope of services that a standard concierge offers, and that is how we created AskHenry’s offer for individuals. It saves you time – things take care of themselves.

Poles are exhausted.

In the “Diagnosis of fatigue of Poles – Bodymax” document we see that:

  • 64% of Poles feel very tired,
  • 15% of Poles feel tired a few minutes after waking up,
  • one in four Poles works 6-7 days a week,
  • The most tired are those under 44
  • more than 1/3 of the respondents did not take a vacation in the last year.

The analysis of the presented results clearly indicates the biggest problem. We juggle too many life roles at the same time. We keep ourselves to the highest standards. We do not rest after work or on weekends. Women, who tend to take up too many responsibilities, are the undisputed winners in that race. The only thing they can achieve in this way is lifetime burnout. Women are physically and mentally worn out.

Our goal is to remind you that your rest is important. In order to take care of others, you must take care of yourself first. Take a step back for a moment – we will take over for you in all the essential matters.

You don’t have to do everything by yourself

For several years we have observed a tacit consent to overworking that occurs at the expense of health. It became quite natural for us to perform our duties after hours and on weekends. It’s time to stop it! We have the knowledge that makes it clear that rest is an essential condition for effective work.

When you try to force yourself to work, despite feeling tired, you only make the problem worse. Not only do you not rest, but you also are less efficient and make mistakes more often. This means that eventually, you will carry more responsibilities that rise from these slip-ups on your back. This is how you reduce your productivity, which you care so much about. It was not supposed to be this way, right?

Balance is key. So, when the number of your responsibilities becomes overwhelming, let yourself be helped. We’ll take care of whatever’s on your mind so that you can finally rest.

Private concierge – a luxury you can afford

For many of us, concierge is a profession available exclusively in hotels. We come across them during foreign trips. Indeed, one of the many roles of a concierge is precisely to be helpful during the time you spend in a new place. However, the concierge is at your service not only during vacation. You can also count on them during business trips or after moving to a new place. Their duty is to provide their customers with the highest level of comfort.

Some of us consider private concierges as a support for the affluent. Only the richest could afford to have someone take over their chores. Nothing could be further from the truth. Support services of an individual assistant have been available in Poland for years. It is an increasingly popular employee benefit, which attracts a lot of interest. The role of a concierge today includes sending mail, returning an order in a store or booking a hotel for the weekend.

AskHenry is more than a concierge. We want you to trust us with all the tasks that overburden your mind. We went out of our way to provide our clients with a completely new quality.

How can a concierge help you?

We reclaim your time because we know it’s the most valuable currency. We support our clients in what is important to them at the moment. Among them, there were people who needed to find a romantic spot for a date. There were also the ones whom we helped to fill out their tax forms and to deliver them to the tax office on time. We have looked for wooden toys, the best beauty salon or a company manufacturing saunas. We also watered the plants of our clients when they were away. We are not anonymous and those we work with really trust us.

A private concierge is a person who is supposed to be the middleman. They facilitate communication between the client and a specific place. They take over for you the tasks that can be done remotely. It’s a relief, but we want to offer more.

  • Our assistants are people you know. You can trust them by lending them keys to your home or giving them the authority to handle matters in offices.
  • They complete the tasks entrusted to them personally. They have a list of trusted suppliers. They have also worked out a lot of discounts on some services. So you can save extra!
  • AskHenry helps in private and business matters. They will take care of your business with you.

Private concierge – how to use AskHenry?

We want to make your life easier, so using AskHenry’s extensive concierge service could not be difficult. What do you do?

  1. Place an order through the user panel. We have designed it so intuitively that it will only take you a few minutes.
  2. Your Assistant will not only confirm your order, but also they will keep you informed on the progress of its completion. They will also suggest alternative solutions that you might have forgotten about trapped under a load of duties.
  3. It’s done!

In the simplest possible way, we will alleviate you from the tasks that you do not want to do. We will take care of all the difficult tasks you hate. We are flexible and adapt to your needs. How can we help you? Here we have collected examples of tasks in which we most often deal with our users.

You rest, we do.

We know how many roles you have in your life. We understand that you care about quality. We want to remind you that, like no one else, you need rest… Our goal is to relieve you of responsibilities that take up your time. You can trust us.