AskHenry gives you time for life and important things

You will get something you can never have an excess of – your time. Your personal assistant will do all the things you don’t want to waste your precious time, energy or focus on.

What do you get?


We will help you to save up to 8.5 hours a month


We have completed 111 459 tasks (as of March 2023)

Peace of mind

We got 91% of positive reviews from our users

For whom?

  • Rafał, 43, Manager
    Husband | Traveler
    What has he gained?

    A certainty that his private matters will be taken care of, so he can focus on work and get well-deserved rest.

    We have helped him prepare his camper for a holiday trip

    ... by finding a specialist that installed a water heater, a tent on the roof and an isofix for a baby car seat.

    We have delivered his personal income tax forms to the tax office

    ... because the deadline for filing the forms was approaching and Rafał had to go on a business trip.

    We have found a cooking class

    ... and booked a spot on it, making his wife's dreams about taking a masterclass with top chefs true.

    We have searched for an authorized laptop repair centre

    ... and delivered Rafal's computer there to be saved from a little coffee accident his son had.

    We have visited a watchmaker with his watch

    ... that was slow. Henry has found a professional that specialized in repairing watches of a specific brand.

  • Anna, 38, businesswoman
    Married | business owner
    What has she gained?

    A possibility to develop her business without worrying about her household chores.

    We bought a wooden toy set

    ... for Anna's youngest son. She wants her children's toys to be made of safe eco-friendly materials – if they're plastic, they must be recycled.

    We have found a locksmith

    ... that specialized in a specific brand of doors that Anna has. He came to fix the problem the very next day.

    We found a beauty salon

    ... that performs endermology treatment Anna wanted to try out. She was so pleased with the results that we had to make her another three appointments.

    We have bought and delivered furniture

    ... to a newly renovated children's room: a bed, a desk, a nightstand and a rug. We have also appointed a handyman to assemble the furniture.

    We have ordered a coat that Anna had an eye on

    ... and proposed to pick two sizes, so she could find the best fit. Henry has delivered the package and later returned half of the order.

  • Tomasz, 27, CEO
    Single | Startup owner
    What has he gained?

    Feels safe with handing over his responsibilities into trusted hands.

    We have made an appointment for servicing his car

    ... drove the vehicle there and taken it to a car wash on the way back.

    We have found a gift for Mother's Day

    ... purchased the one he chose and delivered it with a bouquet of flowers a day before the celebration.

    We have found a wooden sauna manufacturer

    ... making his dream about having his own private one come true.

    We have scheduled regular barber appointments

    ... because we had access to his calendar and knew his preferences regarding the salon and time of getting this service.

    We organized his birthday trip

    ... by finding a show of his favourite artist on a European tour. We bought the VIP tickets, and booked a flight and a hotel.

Take my car to the mechanic
Search and buy airline tickets
Pick up my parcel from an InPost parcel
Buy and deliver shopping from a mall
Find a plumber to repair tap
Recommend interesting theatre performances
Deliver documents to the office
Search and buy components for my Jeep
Find and book wellness and spa treatments
Search for a cleaning person for home
Get my watch repaired
Search for hotels for holiday trip
Find the best garage door

We take over from you those tasks that you don’t want to do, that you don’t have time for or that you lack the knowledge and experience to do. We are on call and adapt to your needs.

How does it work?

1. You make a request

... by our user–friendly panel, by email or a phone call. Then we get cracking!

  • Buy
  • night light
  • at IKEA
  • and deliver it
  • to my home

2. We ask and specify

You will be updated on every stage of the execution of your request. We will keep an eye on all the changes and special requests that might come up.

Do you want to buy a spare bulb for your bedside lamp?

Yes! Three more, please. I'll change the light bulbs in the living room and kitchen.

3. Done and dusted!

...we pick up / find / buy / deliver / assemble... and many more!