How to Recharge Your Internal Battery? The Art of Doing Nothing.

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Another webinar, in which we discussed efficient time management, is behind us. Anna Gut-Gofroń, a psychologist and a psychotherapist with years of experience , and Agnieszka Czmyr-Kaczanowska – the Mamo Pracuj Foundation and Portal co-founder, shared with us the ways to keep our internal battery charged, even when we forget to take care of it.

What to do when time flows differently?

Imagine that you can display inner life battery health on your skin. At which level would it be now? The answer is most likely less than the happy 90%.  It is perfectly normal. What is more, most people in the world suffer from permanent exhaustion. There are many reasons for that: the pace of life, the number of external stimuli, and never having enough time. Anna Gut-Gofroń pointed to an interesting theory on managing daily tasks. When “time flows normally” and we have comfortable conditions for everyday life, we perform activities from the following categories: work, duties, play, and rest, in a harmonious way for us. But when something changes this passage of time on a micro (deadlines) or macro (pandemic) scale, we start to rebuild our priority pyramid without the elements that allowed us to recharge our batteries. We say goodbye to friend meetings, fun, and relaxing in nature.

BUT, even if you had to go to hell and back, remember about this time, do not resign from going out with friends. You will recharge and do something nice for somebody else. Hanging out with friends is a system of connected vessels, and everybody benefits from it.

There always is time to recharge your batteries – you have to remember that.

The new norms of the world and the old us in it.

Modern psychology taught us to plan and balance daily tasks. The most important is rolling with the punches. Even Darwin knew that the ones to survive are not the strongest or the most intelligent species, but the ones that adapt to changes the fastest. Luckily, we still have some time until the zombie apocalypse and don’t have to record a webinar on how to survive it. Nonetheless, the world has sped up tremendously in recent years. It is crucial, as Agnieszka Czmyr-Kaczanowska says, to keep an eye on our inner battery, observe ourselves, our family and our relationships from some distance and ask questions.

  • How am I feeling today?
  • What can I do to charge my own, my family’s, or my friend’s battery?

A handful of good habits

We will give a handful of tips that will allow you to regulate, check and charge your internal battery. Remember those and work regularly with them and you will notice not only an improvement in your mood but also in concentration and memory (who doesn’t need it?!). You will feel calm and be able to work better, also remotely.

  • First and foremost, sleep. There is no better, more natural way to recharge your batteries. Evolution has equipped us with sensors with which we have messed in crazy ways over the years: even if we felt sleepy at 9 p.m., we could stay up watching TV, using our computers or phones way past midnight. We watch episodes of series which we never remember, read messages that never stick in our minds, and seek profiles of complete strangers that have no connection to our lives whatsoever. Just 2 hours of good sleep can improve our effectiveness tremendously. Remember the last time when you had a really great dream?


  • What we feed on. It is a truly vast category, consisting of both food and emotion. Preparing food from simple, fresh ingredients is extremely important. Give up using processed foods and semi-processed ingredients. Cooking can be fun and relaxing, it doesn’t take that much time, too. On the other hand, it is important not to feed on toxins. It was proven that food chemicals are a direct source of many diseases, as well as a stimulant for stress hormone secretion.They contribute to insomnia and depression. A healthy, balanced approach to your relationships with others has a great effect on you as well. Focus on the relationships that are functioning also outside the virtual world. Those are the ones that provide you with the most healthy, pure energy.


Only good emotions, only self-made food – simple and effective


  • Exercise. Remember to move. You don’t have to go to the gym regularly (this would be great, though!), but you really have to move regularly. You have plenty of apps to choose from: yoga at home is pleasant and relaxing, and stretching is great done in the privacy of your own room. Taking a walk outside will charge your skin with vitamin D, and direct sunlight will relax you, help your entire body to unwind. Don’t be afraid to into the unknown, be afraid not to go at all.


  • Be aware of your influence. The fact that our existence is important for other people and affairs, builds our self-esteem. The sense of connection with the world relaxes us greatly and places us harmoniously in the structures we are part of family, relationships, work and friendships.


  • Self-care.When exhausted, you often blame yourself for being in that state. That’s how it is with us as humankind. Remembering about yourself and learning how to be compassionate towards yourself will bring you…relief. You will see. Be your own guide, your good friend. Treat yourself as you would treat someone you really like.

You are the only person you will spend the rest of your life with.


Time for activity and the role AskHenry has in it.

The question of how to recharge your internal battery has many answers. First: plan your day and treat rest, play and relaxation as integral, as important as work and responsibilities, activities.  Don’t give them up unless you really have to. However, our practice and experience tell us that we seldom are in a situation where we have no other option.

If so happens, that the situation will surprise you or you simply don’t want to do something yourself, you have a simple tool at hand – delegate tasks. Focus on distributing the tasks among your household members. Making a family schedule is really cool and can be a fun way to spend Sunday afternoons.

Learn to let go. Yourself and others.

You don’t have to clean windows on a Saturday, go for a walk together. But, if you lose sleep over those windows or that shopping in IKEA you should have done weeks ago – use some help.

AskHenry takes care not only of big company tasks, but also those smaller ones, which are equally as important. We will find you a plumber, get your tires changed, find the perfect cake for your son’s 7th birthday, plan your vacation, buy groceries for the weekend, find a person to clean your windows, find the best puppy daycare to look after your dog while you are gone, buy new plants for your home office.

There is so much to do and we don’t mean us. We mean You – learn to recharge your internal batteries and see how much we can do for you at AskHenry and… MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!

We didn’t write how to plan your week with details and how to deal with problems, we did not present you with all the tools that Agnieszka and Anna were talking about. Give yourself an hour, it’s really worth it!